Kill your darlings: Lessons on setting up to be objective from the get-go

Thank you for your interest in the Product Anonymous event hosted in conjunction with Isobar. We hope you enjoy the content we have created to help you on your journey to being objective and product success.

What we spoke about

There’s an endless onslaught of competing ideas and requests from executives, team leads, customers, and often a lot of personal investment in the ideas being suggested. With all this influence, how do you make sure the right signals are heard through the noise? We took you through what we identified as core obstacles to being objective and a smooth-running product team and a technique we use called the Diagnostic, which will help you get the buy-in from sponsors/stakeholders, alignment on the objectives & ways of working plus increase the likelihood of avoiding Hippos.

Our Speakers

Jim O'Malley
Jim O'Malley - Head of Strategic Design, Isobar Australia

Jim has over 15 years of experience designing and leading the development of innovative products and customer experiences across digital channels. He has worked across multiple industries for start-ups and global brands, including Travel & Leisure, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Superannuation and Automotive.

Su Lim
Su Lim – Associate Design Director, Isobar Australia

Su is an Associate Design Director in Isobar’s Products & Services team which exists to create and innovate new products and services that generate value and drive revenue. Day to day, she collaborates with cross-functional teams to uncover opportunities then rapidly prototype, validate and deliver new digital experiences for a range of organisations, from start-ups to enterprises.

Not sure how to run your own diagnostic session?